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$195,000 WIWO + SAV



About this opportunity

Townsville Off Road Centre are maintenance and service specialists for the 4WD      off-road market as well as enthusiasts wanting an upgrade to their vehicle to meet more demanding conditions when heavy duty and only best quality will suffice.

 Trusted products fitted and held in stock include those from Superior Engineering, EFS   4 x 4 Suspension, Nitro Gear and Axel, Drivetech 4X4 and Toyo Tyres. Many others can be sourced as Customers seek only the best should be fitted when ‘going bush’ and Townsville Off Road Centre is the place to have it done when planning that trip.

Why should you consider this opportunity?
  • How many 4WD’s are there in the North Queensland?
  • Well Established 7 years
  • Large and Established Clientele
  • Great Reputation with wide range of Service Capability
  • Spacious Work Areas and Set Up
  • Very Affordable and Profitable Business
  • Great Location with ease of Parking
  • 4 X 4.5t Bendpac Hoists, Tyre Changer and Extensive Servicing Equipment.
  • 5t Forklift, Work and Loan Vehicles included
  • Extensive Plant and Tools / Equipment included.
  • Fixed and Mobile Benches, Gantry, Display Shelves and Racking
  • Offices and Amenities
  • Growth Opportunities
  • Facebook Following
  • Trades 5 Days
Business Story

Townsville Off Road Centre specializes in the quality service, repair, extension and fabrication requirements of most 4 x 4’s. A large established clientele base and consistent ongoing bookings from proven advertising mediums provides continuity of work in this busy service workshop in Garbutt. The Centre is listed on the Toyota Motor Body Builders for chassis extensions, suspension, clutches, turbo replacement, diesel tuning, and driveline rebuilds.

Quality products and accessories ensure that service and reliability is the key to continued repeat Customers and recommendations from other 4WD enthusiasts. There are Key Supplier website links as Townsville stockists of reliable high end 4WD parts and accessories which include Superior Engineering and EFS 4 x 4 Suspensions. The 4 WD Centre are also agents for G Turbo, Wholesale Automatics and Toyo Tyres.  There is an array of second hand parts, motors, gearboxes, steering boxes and axles which can provide more than a satisfactory solution to needy Customers.

After market fitting of 4WD parts and accessories is also performed for some of Townsville’s new vehicle and part suppliers and it is not hard to realize the reasons that this will continue to remain a very busy operating Centre.

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