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Freehold sale of 77 storage units by individual lots in an easily accessible compound 24 / 7. Should the buyer purchase the 8 lots in total the Seller will include all facets of the business including a top of the range industry software called Sitelink and easy to navigate contract agreements which makes these storage sheds operate smoothly and without complexity. Also comes with courtesy trailer for added customer service


Why should you consider this opportunity?
  •  Well established
  • Price to sell in individual lots
  • Almost unlimited uses
  • Very broad target audience
  • Passive monthly gross income potential of $11k
  • Currently 66% occupancy
  • Great business model
  • Awesome brand awareness
  • Comes with excellent marketing / advertising
  • Customized phone number
  • Ad in local directories
  • Website nqselfstorage.com.au
  • Active Facebook page with five-star reviews
  • Member of Self Storage Association of Australasia
  • Simple to operate
  • Systems & procedures in place
  • Courtesy trailer  
Business Story

The storage units are rented using the SSAA standard self-storage agreement which is an Australasian membership-based association that looks after storage unit owners. Is a simple one page for completion and 1 page of terms and conditions.  Access to the storage sheds allows for access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via an individual pin code entry through automatic gates with security lighting, it’s a very secure compound area and secured with CCTV cameras.

Storage unit sizes are made up of various configuration from 1.5m x 1.4m through to 5m x 6m all with 3 metre ceilings. This allows for a hugely variable usage to an extremely broad target market. Included in the sale is a courtesy trailer

For added customer service the owner supplies free trailer hire for clients to load and unload their storage sheds. The agreements have no fixed term occupations but generally clients start off with 6-month agreements which then turn into 12 months.

NQ Self Storage is currently running at 66% occupancy. The owner strives to achieve acceptance from the first inquiry by inducement with an offer of a discount. 100% occupancy would see a return of $11,000 per month at full fees. The owner has done a great job with marketing – Website, Facebook, Signage, Business Cards, Flyers and an ad in PDC Directories. The storage sheds used an industry-based software system called Sitelink which makes for very easy monitoring of client payments.

After owning the sheds for approximately 7 Years the owner is putting them up for sale and listed them on the market and is prepared to sell by individual lots making them inexpensive.     

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