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Jaymak Townsville

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$25,000 + GST


Very Low Entry Level

About this opportunity

Very small outlay for an awesome business model that provides recorded programmed maintenance, products & services to commercial food manufacturing & processing businesses, hospitals & health care outlets, hospitality, they also provide infection control & environmental testing. These locations continue to become more regulated requiring programmed maintenance, product & services offered by Jaymak.

Why should you consider this opportunity?
  • Very low-cost entry
  • Owner operator (be your own boss)
  • Great business model
  • Programmed maintenance, products & services
  • National brand awareness
  • Excellent marketing / advertising
  • Competitive prices
  • Bench mark figures provided for similar locations
  • Ongoing operational support
  • Franchise systemised
  • Strength in a powerful partnership
  • Comprehensive systems and procedures
  • All aspects of franchise and business training
  • Easily run
Business Story

As an owner operator you can become a Jaymak team member for Townsville & surrounding areas and once proven Jaymak can consider a low-cost expansion plan to other designated area/s to earn even greater income. Jaymak is an Australian-owned company with operations in New Zealand that has been offering hygiene and energy saving solutions in commercial kitchen areas since 1998.

Jaymak develop and implement the highest quality preventative maintenance programs to ensure their clients’ needs are met to the highest standards.

They supply a complete cleaning solution from the time of inspection of the premises, identifying efficiencies of specific equipment, establishing hygiene requirements and follow through with a full report and quotation for work to be completed.

All work complies with the latest ISO quality guidelines covering a risk management system based on the principles of HACCP for the provision of specialised cleaning services to a number of sectors.

Jaymak is the only ISO accredited food services provider in Australia, and they are very proud of this status. It’s what sets them apart from all other hygiene and cleaning specialists in the Australian marketplace. After gaining ISO accreditation in 2006, they expanded their food safety management systems to include more than just cold room storage hygiene. This has provided Jaymak with the ability to provide a unified national and international standard in hygiene cleaning for all of our clients.

Jaymak Townsville will be a powerful partnership with Jaymak Australia, it has a most successful tried and tested business model including full commitment and support of the area in which it operates. To become a new franchise partner, you will be required to submit a franchise application, go through an accreditation process and attend a training program to ensure you will be knowledgeable on products and business strategies.

Once appointed the designated area becomes yours, you will receive abundant support from Jaymak Australia & a network of successful franchise owners to guide you so you can rest assured that you will be assisted every step of the way.


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